I pledge to vote and only vote for worthy candidates

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I pledge to vote at the next Canadian federal election and only vote for candidates who have signed the contract for democratic rights and inclusive government indicated below:

  1. Government shall safeguard the interests of all Canadians, not just the corporations and the wealthy
  2. Government shall act to increase employment opportunities, provide vocational training, ensure fair pay, and guarantee favourable working conditions for all Canadians
  3. Government shall ensure affordable education and adequate funding for academic research while maintaining academic freedoms
  4. Government shall ensure adequate healthcare
  5. Government shall develop natural resources in a sustainable and equitable way that benefits all Canadians, not just a select few
  6. Government shall refrain from signing treaties that undermine the Canadian sovereignty
  7. Government shall protect consumers from unfair practices including, but not restricted to, price fixing
  8. Government shall ensure the safety of our food supply
  9. Government shall protect our environment
  10. Government shall protect constitutional rights of all Canadians, ensure the independence of the judiciary, and uphold the rule of law
  11. Government shall recognize housing as a human right and ensure affordable housing for all Canadians, while taking necessary action to prevent the Canadian real estate market from becoming a speculators' playground
  12. Government of Canada shall recognize that the senior citizens have contributed to the nations development and tax revenues over the course of their whole lives and provide them with an income and services needed for them to live with dignity
  13. Government of Canada shall act in accordance with the compassionate nature of our society by providing necessary facilities and funding for people with disabilities and other other individuals who are in need of assistance
  14. Government shall maintain a well funded military for the express purpose of protecting Canadian sovereignty and intervene in other nations only for humanitarian purposes
  15. Government shall recognizes the services rendered by our veterans and provide funding and services they need, including psychological care for those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorders, so that they may live with dignity
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